Sep 30

Just Got a Job Doing Some Contracting

I got a job as sort of a jack of all trades for a company that sells real estate around here. I do all sorts of things, but they mostly revolve around helping to get ready things at jacksonville homes for sale. You might be talking about mansions some of the time, so in those cases I am not really having to do anything major. We will go in and inspect the place, figuring out where we need to touch up things and if there is some detail that needs to be attended to.

Jul 23

We Have a Great Life Here

After working really hard in the film industry I was finally able to save up enough money to pay cash for a manhattan beach strand real estate house. My husband and I were really happy to see that our neighbors were really nice and our kids were going to be going to the best schools that the area had to offer. Once we established our residence, we started to look at the area to get involved in the community somehow. We ended up joining the local government via getting elected to boards and liked to have a say in what was going on in the town. Sure, it was very hard to get into the local government as we were not from the area but there were a lot of people that were also new to the area and we ended up getting a lot of them to vote. The people that had lived there forever weren’t happy that there were new people coming into work with them.

Once I made the point clear that we were not going to to leave the area or resign on the boards, everyone started to work together. My kids are teens so I brought them to all the meetings because I thought it was really important for them to see that it was not a bad thing for us to fight for what we believe in. In addition, it was important for them to see that we had a right to serve our community, no matter if we were new money or old money, the goal was going to be the same. The goal was to make sure that everyone had a voice to be heard since we all live in a great town and a small close knit community together with one another.